How To Install a Dundalk LeisureCraft Serenity Barrel Sauna

The Steam and Sauna crew traveled to Sunappee, New Hampshire to install a beautiful Dundalk LeisureCraft Serenity Barrel White Cedar Sauna recently. While there, we documented our entire installation process on video and uploaded it to our YouTube channel, check it out here:

Also, refer to the installation manual for detailed instructions here:

Before getting started on your sauna build, there are a few tools you'll need:

- 3/4" Wrench/ Nut Driver Bit

-Rubber Mallet


-Carpenter's Level

-Tape Measure

-Power Drill

-Philips Head Screw Driver

 The Serenity Barrel is made of a beautiful white knotty cedar wood, has two windows (one on either side of the door), and another window through the door, as pictured in this blog posts' featured image. The sauna is delivered in a ready to assemble wooden crate containing all the wood, pieces, and hardware. The only things required from you are the tools listed above, all screws and nails are included in the kit.

(These images were taken on a rainy day. Don't worry, the wooden crate protects against rain.)

 To start, you will lay down the concave placeholders and secure your first wooden stave in the middle as shown in the instruction manual on page 1. Note that the wooden planks (shown in above image) are left and right sided, and there are an even amount of planks for both the left and right side of the sauna. In our case, the left sided planks were dug in at the bottom of the wooden crate a bit, so you may have to sift through it locate them. Not to worry, of course! All of your pieces will be in there.

(NOTE: For a more detailed instructional guide, refer to our YouTube video link at the top of this blog post along with the official instructional manual. This post is not meant as a full instructional guide.)

It is very important to put the wooden benches and floorboard in before you close the sauna with the wooden planks and complete the roof. It will be much harder if you do not! The official instructions do not say to do this, so keep that in mind. Page 9 and 10 of the guide show you how to seamlessly screw in the bench support legs.

As you continue to add more wooden planks, you will need to nail in every other plank to the walls of the sauna to keep them all together. Once you've gone entirely around with the planks and have a roof established, it is time to tighten the bands!

As you will notice in our video, the wooden planks at the very top of the roof seem to not fit (see bottom of page 5 in the instructional manual). This is normal and required to create a tight water proof air tight seal throughout the sauna. After the bands are tightened, the wooden planks will fall into place and even out in a perfect cylinder. Keep hitting the planks with your rubber mallet to smack them into place as you go.

 Once your roof is established, head inside to screw in your heater of choice. In this case, our customer purchased a Harvia Kip 6 kW Electric Heater. The Serenity Barrel Sauna comes in 3 heater options:

- Harvia Kip 6 kW

-Saaku 6 kW

-Harvia M3 Wood Burning Stove Heater w/ Chimney and Heat Shield (heat shield and chimney required to let the smoke out of the roof)

Canadian Timber Collection

The Dundalk LeisureCraft Cadian Timber Series are truly beautiful pieces of craftsmanship, built by hand and imported from Canada. These saunas heat to about 180 F in 20-30 minutes, giving you a quick, hot sweat. The round barrel design is ideal for evenly heating the sauna throughout.

If you do not feel confident building your Dundalk Sauna yourself, get in touch with a Steam and Sauna representative and have us come to you!

We will provide a fast quote on how much it will cost to have our team come build it.

Your representative will inform you of all necessary information before purchasing, including electrical requirements, lead times, etc. Get in touch today to find out more.

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