Steam showers and saunas...what's the difference?

This post should help you decide choosing between either steam shower or sauna. While the health benefits may be very similar, one may be better for you and your needs than the other. Be sure to get in touch with a Steam and Sauna representative for guidance when making your final decision.

Disclaimer: All health benefits mentioned in this blog post are not guaranteed and can vary from person to person. Information on the health benefits mentioned in this post can be referenced from JAMA Internal Medicine at this link -> Claims in this blog are suggestive only and not to be taken as a prescription.

Health Benefits: Both steam showers and saunas offer very similar health benefits, though they do differ in many ways. Saunas are able to heat up to much hotter temperatures, going past 150 degrees Fahrenheit and higher, due to low levels of humidity. This deep level of heat helps detoxify your body, improve circulation, improve blood flow, and much more (see our previous blog post for a list of more health benefits saunas provide). Steam showers do not need to be heated up to the same temperatures, because the moisture and steam make it feel much hotter than it is. Temperatures can be raised to around 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This lower temperature mixed with higher moisture levels promote respiratory health. If you are purchasing either of them for specific health reasons, be sure to speak with your doctor.

Installation: Steam showers can be built in directly to your existing shower, which may benefit you more if you didn't have space for a free-standing model, though this will require a higher amount of renovation. You will need to make sure you have a floor to ceiling moisture tight door to prevent water damage to your bathroom and make sure your shower stall is properly waterproofed, which will require additional costs for parts and labor if you don't already have those things, and will definitely require professional installation. Installing an already assembled steam shower is not very far off from installing a regular shower stall, and both will still give you the option to take a regular shower. Many pre assembled models include many features, like multiple jet streams, whirlpool bathtubs, LED tv screens, and more. See our steam shower catalog for more models to choose from. Saunas that do not come pre built are much easier to assemble, though every sauna will need to be free-standing, unlike the steam generator option. (Picture of a pre assembled steam shower below).

Saunas are much better for entertaining, as they commonly come in larger sizes fitting over 8 or more people (see our outdoor models for larger saunas that can sustain weather). Larger steam showers are commonly used in commercial units and may not be as easy to install in your own home, that is, if you are looking to fit multiple people. They will require more room and more water. Choosing which is best for you all comes down to personal preference, which benefits your specific health needs more, and which one you have space for in your home. Be sure to get in touch with a Steam and Sauna representative to help you make the best choice for you and your family.