ThermaSol SteamShower Auto PowerFlush with Fast Start

ThermaSol SteamShower Auto PowerFlush with Fast Start

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    Industry leading AF Series generators incorporate industrial grade stainless steel construction, split-tank technology that enhances performance and lifespan, superior incoloy heating elements, Auto PowerFlush inner tank cleaning system. All integrated within a 100% digital, fully networked system.


    • Lifetime at Factory Warranty (includes parts and labor)
    • 2 year in-home warranty followed by lifetime warranty
    • Two Way Digital CAN-bus Technology
    • Only from ThermaSol
    • Auto PowerFlush™ pressurized
    • inner tank cleaning system
    • Superior heating elements - incoloy low watt density
    • Split tank
    • 208-240 volt power cord (5 ft.)
    • 50' CAN-bus cable for the controller
    • Works with ThermaSol Serenity Light, Sound, Rainhead
    • FastStart™ steam in seconds…not minutes (patented)
    • Constant steam at a constant rate; no steam lag or burst
    • Can be plumbed 50 ft. from the shower without purchasing a larger kW unit
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Services residential rooms up to 575 cubic ft. with one steam unit

    Installation + Specs Manuals

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